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Southwestern Medical District/
Parkland Station

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North of Medical District Drive (formerly Motor Street), east of Harry Hines Boulevard
(2101 Medical District Dr., Dallas 75235 - Mapsco 34Y)

Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station Conveniently located near the internationally recognized UT Southwestern Medical Center and School, Parkland Hospital, Children's Health℠ Children's Medical Center, the UT Southwestern William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and the UT Southwestern Zale Lipshy Pavilion - William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, the Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station is served by DART Rail Green Line and Orange Line trains.

Note: Parkland Hospital is located near the Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station.

You can walk or use bus routes 1, 23, 57, 101, 213, 219, 222, 230 and UT Southwestern Shuttle (Route 422) for stops along Harry Hines.
Learn more about riding DART to Parkland Memorial Hospital


DART Rail Green and Orange Lines, Bus Routes 1, 23, 57, 101, 213, 219, 222, 230, 422 (M-F)

M-F (Monday through Friday)
UT Southwestern Shuttle North (Route 423) does not serve Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station.

Bus Bay Assignments:

Bay A — 222 Record Crossing
Bay B — 213
Bay C — Future Use
Bay D — 1
Bay E — 101
Bay F — 222 Inwood/Love Field Station
Bay G — 23
Bay H — 57, 230 DFW International Airport Remote South Parking
Bay I — 230 Downtown
Bay J — 219
Bay K — Paratransit
Bay L — UT Southwestern Shuttle (Route 422)
Bay M — Children's Health Shuttle, Rail Disruption Shuttle Stop
Bay N — Future Use
Bay O — Future Use
Bay P — Future Use
Bus bay assignments are subject to change

Customer Features:

  • Passenger Shelters
  • Elevators
  • Windscreens
  • Seating
  • Customer Information
  • Ticket Vending Machines
  • Bus "Kiss & Ride" Passenger Drop-Off/Pickup Area
  • Public Art
  • No Public Parking Available

Popular Attractions and Destinations:

Please note: You may need to connect to a DART bus to complete your journey to a destination. Please contact DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111 for trip planning assistance.

Station Art:

A Stroke of Genius. Your guide to the art along the Green Line cover
Your guide to the art along the Green Line

Use this guide to plan your tour of Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station.
Modern miracles happen every day in the myriad of medical facilities surrounding Southwestern Medical District/Parkland Station. Inspired by these surroundings, station artist Susan Kae Grant set out to create a soothing station environment.

She wanted a restful place where riders can feel both comfortable and comforted. Cladded in a stainless steel mesh, the platform columns have a sleek, modern appearance. Marbles in a variety of sizes and colors circle the base of the columns. In keeping with the look, the platform uses gray and white pavers in a simple checkerboard pattern. For the windscreens, Grant took black-and-white photographs of mannequins. The resulting silhouettes make for an interesting study of the human form.

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